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    Unhappy 3 Songs I can't Identify

    There's a few songs listed here that I cannot find because I don't have the song title or the group that did them, I have used all sorts of methods and guesses in trying to find them and the've all failed. So I'm left with the only option to either wait until the radio plays the song again or actually ask someone to identify them.

    However I don't know a lot of people who could identify them because they only know all the latest commercial music which isn't any help to me when I'm looking for any songs made after 5 years ago.

    Anyways, if you guys could help me with a few songs I have been searching for for quite some time now and has had no joy.

    1st Song - Mid 90's R'n'B Song

    The lyrics begin like this

    "I wanna learn to love you right Just take the time boy I want you to show me"

    The chorus goes something like this

    "Show me the ways to love you, tell me how to make to make you feel good"

    2nd Song - Mid 80's Soul & R'n'B

    The Chorus goes like this

    "There's A Life baby, after loving you, after loving you"

    3rd Song - Mid, late 70's or early 80's Soul, Funk Song (Difficult to describe it's Genre)

    The song begins like this

    "Say Hey Baby, What You Doin' Tonight"

    and the courus goes something like this

    "Got to get on and dance, take it down, take it around"


    Please get back to me on these titles ASAP, I've been looking ages to try and identify these tracks

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    Default 2nd song

    The 2nd song is called 'After Loving You' by Juicy, a male/female duo. They also did a song called 'Sugar Free'.

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