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    Default I have a few lyrics need song name & Artist


    These are the lyrics that I have. I would like the name of the song and the artist. Thank you in advance.


    Smile the while,
    I bid you sad adue
    When the ships roll by
    I'll be thinking of you
    So wait and pray
    Each night for us
    Till we meet again.

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    I managed to find this

    'Till We Meet Again' - Charles Hart & Louis James
    Words by Raymond B. Egan, music by Richard Whiting, 1918

    There's a song in the land of the lily,
    Each sweetheart has heard with a sigh.
    Over high garden walls this sweet echo falls,
    And a fond lover whispers good-bye.

    Smile the while you kiss me sad adieu,
    When the clouds roll by, I'll come to you.
    Then the skies will seem more blue,
    Down in Lovers' Lane, my dearie.

    Wedding bells will ring so merrily.
    Ev'ry tear will be a memory.
    So wait and pray each night for me,
    'Till we meet again.

    Tho' good-bye means the birth of a teardrop,
    Hello means the birth of a smile,
    And the smile will erase the tear-blighting trace,
    When we meet in the after a while.

    The song became a sentimental favourite towards the close of the war and was sung by many performers, including Henry Burr and Albert Campbell, also performed by Vernon Dalhart and Gladys Price in 1918

    Hope this is of some help to you
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    Is this male, female, U.S. Brit, Irish, Scot, old, new, ballad, etc. Not trying to be smart; these question may help answer your question.

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    The song was written and composed by United States men, and sung by both men and women. The "clouds" refer to the war. In the original release, it was World War I; however the song became popular again during WWII, and it was performed and recorded in the 40s by a number of artists, both men and women, and was given jazz, swing and even ragtime instrumental treatments in addition to the popular vocal arrangements. AM pop radio in the 40s, for the most part, featured women vocalists singing this song, most notably Rosemary Clooney.

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