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Thread: KIRAC- Bir Garip Ask Bestesi

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    Default KIRAC- Bir Garip Ask Bestesi

    Does anyone have the text of this song ?
    Can anyone help with the translation?

    thanks !

    I think the song sounds beautiful but don't understand a word of it ... sad!

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    Bir Garip Aşk Bestesi -an odd love melody

    Ben bir garip aşk bestesiyim-i am an odd love melody
    Şu yüreğin güftesiyim-i am lyrics of that heart
    Hiç umulmaz nerelerde-at where is never predicted
    Tek başıma sersefilim-i am lonely,miserable

    Bir garip aşk bestesiyim-i am an odd love melody
    Öyle içten öyle serin-so from heart,so cool
    Akıl almaz dayanılmaz-unreasonable,unstandable
    Tek başıma çok sefilim-i am lonely,so miserable

    Ben bir garip aşk bestesiyim
    Bilemezsin ne haldeyim-u cant know in which situation i am
    Çok uzakta bir şehirde-in a city which is too far
    Bıraktığın serseriyim-i am vagabond who u left

    Bir garip aşk bestesiyim
    Yalnız senin tek seninim-i am only urs
    Arama hiç başka yerde-dont search at any other place
    Bende gülüm aşk dediğin-it is in me what u call 'love'

    Duyulmamış hiçbir yerde-it hasnt been heard anywhere
    Söylenmemiş kimselere-it hasnt sung to anybody
    Sen uyurken gecelerce-while u r sleeping,for nights
    Heryerinde aşk yeliyim-i am wind of love on ur every part

    Senin senin senin senin için deliyim-i am crazy for you ,you you you

    good song!!!! i love him and his especially this song,try,as well, Yıllar Sonra,if u like this one,u will surely like this too!

    and if u want,i will translate it for u too

    enjoy with Kıraç Songssssssss

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    Smile thanks !

    Thank you very much for the transaltion !

    I will try to find and listen to this other song that you recommended !

    I am sure I need the translation as I don't understand turkish at all ...

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