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    Default seeking the lyrics to "of thee I sing" Leon Russell

    Hiya. I'm brand new to the Lyrics Forum, and I'm darn glad to have found you. I know a bit of musical stuff myself... obscure in some cases so I may be able to contribute some knowledge to the community from time to time, but at this moment, I humbly request your most prolific and knowledgable assistance in a real stumper, at least for me, anyway.
    My new girlfriend's best friend is the female singer for Leon Russell. The friend's name is Jaime or Jamie, I think it is... but that isn't relevant to this inquiry. Leon is coming thru our neck of the woods next month and we are going to be going to meet Jamie and see at least one of the shows, and this triggered some strong memories for me... of the sixties, Leon Russell playing the Berkeley Community Theater with Kathi MacDonald as his back up singer back then... waayyy back then. Anyhow, I got hold of the "Shelter People" album for Mindy to hear and probably my favorite song besides "Stranger in a Strange Land", "Of Thee I Sing" played and I was faced with the same dilemma that frustrated me when the song was aired on the FM radio. What the heck ARE the lyrics to "Of Thee I Sing"???????? I'll be a happy lad if any of you folks can come up with this info. Heck... I'll write a song about you!! Thanks for allowing me into your forum and thanks for your attention. My fingers and toes are crossed.

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    Default Of Thee I Sing- Leon Russell

    Hung up in a Pennsylvania mining town
    Got down to Boston in time for tea
    Donít know exactly just whatís going down
    Better hang around until I see.

    She uses beauty like a knife
    She cuts me even more, she changes
    Right before my eyes into something ugly and sore.
    Beauty like a knife
    She cuts me even more, she changes
    Right before my eyes into something strange and more.

    Donít bomb the inn, Iím on a holiday
    But Oklahomaís just a jet away
    And the blood is on the books in Ohio
    So badly stained, what can I say?

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