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Thread: Do you remember me and you song

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    Default Do you remember me and you song

    Okay gise I have been looking all around for this song and no results
    google everything please help me out I love this song so much I only heard it once but dont know the name of it but here are some lyrics some of them I dont know them all. pretty pretty please help me out please I beg you this song is so special to me


    Ill be there to shine down upon you when your feeling so lonely

    You look like a wallflower, you look like a rainbow, you look like the sun,

    do you remember me and you, do you remember how it use to be

    thats all I know, thats all I can remember please help me out

    days and days of searching

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    This poetry site has the lyrics that you're looking for
    Hope this helps

    Do you remember me and you
    DaRk RaiNBoW - do you remember me and you

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