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    Default Solved: Possibly late 70's Melodic Rock song

    Hello Everyone
    I have known this song for at least 25 years, but have never been able to identify the song or the artist. I don't know if it is a band or an individual.

    The song has a string arrangement/accompaniment with a heavy rock flavour. The guys voice is very throaty. The guitar solo - a very melodic but staccato style - is in the middle of an organ bridge.

    The lyrics are something like this:

    "Hey, buddy what's your name?
    You look like you're in pain.
    Has this old life treated you so bad?"

    Near the end, the lyrics are like:
    "You've understood, I know"

    At the end of the song, the lyrics fade with what I believe to be the following repeated over and over:
    "You've helped me by the way" or
    "You've helped me find the way".

    I have no clue who did this song but it is a beautiful heavy rock song, kind of a lumbering-along tempo.

    I would sure appreciate someone's help with this 25-year-old mystery. And, I thank anyone who can provide any other hints.


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    have you tried Peter framptons "Show me the Way"

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    Default Walter Rossi Ride the WInd

    It's Ride the Wind by Walter Rossi--a superb guitarist from Montreal. He was a semi-popular artist in Canada in the late 70s and 80s.

    Check out his site:

    You can also download Ride the Wind as well as many other songs.

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    I don't know who you are but, you are the MAN!!!

    That's it!!!! That's the song - the 'mystery' is solved.

    Thank you very very much!!!!

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