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Thread: Who sings it?!

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    Red face Who sings it?!

    I know the lyrics and how the song goes but I have noooo idea who sings it ...
    It goes a little something like thiiissss....

    As we move our seperate ways, tears ran down my face and I asked myself
    Was I just to weak to face the truth, that love is what I have for you.
    Youre someone special deep down inside, youre love is true, why did I hide
    Why did I run beacause the memories lead on and on and time goes on memoreis laugh and play with my heart like a thunder in a rainstorm.
    Could this be love or just a memorie of the two of us together life time friends forever, you and me the unity friendship and love..

    Maybe not word for word but close.. Anyway, I've been carrying this song with me and have no idea who sings.. Can someone help a sista out?!?!

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    Forte - Could This Be Love

    full song for you to listen here:

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