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    Question Help please! Looking for lyrics & music to particular song.

    Can anyone help me please. I'm trying to trace lyrics and music for a song which starts (chorus)"What can i give to the king, give to the one who has everything, what can i give,what gift can i bring, what can i give to the king, what can i give to the king? one verse goes like this ..Give him all glory his people on earth, give him all praises this day of his birth... (can't remeber the rest hence i'm trying to trace it. It's a christmas song and the research i've done so far points towards Barry Maguire's song "what can i give to the king?" from his "Pilgrim" album. however i am struggling to download a sample of it to see if it's the right song. I want to sing it at our christmas eve service at church. Can ANYONE help me please???

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    I found this beautiful Christmas song:

    Song Title: What can we give to the king
    Author(s): Barry McGuire, Mike Deasy

    You can hear this song sample at this site, then you know at least, if it is the one you are looking for:

    Unfortunately i could not find any lyrics for it...

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    Smile thankyou

    That's the exact song i was looking for. Thankyou. However now i've just got to try and buy it and get it to the uk within the next week.
    Thanks for your help!

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    If you go to the website you can download the pdf version of the words and print them off. I just did.

    good luck and hope this helps.

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