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    Smile Translation from Persian to english

    I'm would be really really really happy :-) if someone could give me the translation of the persian song 'neghab' from my favorite singer siavash Ghomeishi! Please...cansomebody help me out!!

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    dear u need to post this in the lyrics translation section ...
    this is only for Arabic Translations...
    Ciğerin yansın, beni de yaktın
    Sen de yanasın, Öldürdün

    Kalbinden attın sen beni yar
    Yüreğim yanıyor, nerdesin.....

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    @zara81: Hello! I leave your other thread in Lyrics Translations open, and lock this one, so we won't have double threads
    Here is your thread:

    Btw, if you have the lyrics in Persian, then post them, because then it is easier to translate. Good luck.

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