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    Smile Can Someone Translate This Song To English For Me!!!! Please:)

    Alaba a Dios by Danny Berrios

    It starts like this
    Dios no rechazo oracion
    oracion es alimento
    nunca vi un justo sin respuesta
    o quedar en sufrimiento

    basta solamente esperar
    lo que Dios ira hacer
    cuando le levantas tus manos
    es hora de venecer

    oh alaba
    simplemente alabo
    estas llorando alaba
    en la prueba alaba
    estas sufriendo alaba
    no imprta alaba
    tu alabanza el escuchara

    if anyone can translate the whole song I would appreciate it!!!!

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    Alaba a Dios - Praise God

    I just want to say that Alabar, depending on the context, can mean praise, pray or worship.

    Dios no rechazo oracion - God did not reject prayer
    oracion es alimento - prayer is nourishment (food)
    nunca vi un justo sin respuesta - i never saw a good deed unanswered
    o quedar en sufrimiento - or remain in suffering

    basta solamente esperar - it is enough to just wait
    lo que Dios ira hacer - to what God will do
    cuando le levantas tus manos - when you raise your hands
    es hora de venecer - it is time to?. Not sure meaning of venecer, maybe reborn?

    oh alaba - worship (or pray)
    simplemente alabo - i just worship
    estas llorando alaba - you're crying, worship
    en la prueba alaba - when you're tested, worship
    estas sufriendo alaba - you're suffering, worship
    no imprta alaba - it does not matter, worship
    tu alabanza el escuchara - he will listen to your prayers

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    Go to the website called "babblefish" and type the words to the song and you can translate it to english and print it out. It's a great website.
    good luck!

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    victoriousbride - I just want to warn you about Babblefish and any other web translation service... they are NOT accurate. Sometimes I use it when I can't come up with a particular word or I want an idea for phrasing but for the most part, you get a lot of inaccuracies and nonsense. My school district was sending out some pretty embarrasing letters to parents in Spanish using Babblefish, thinking that it was accurate, until I came across a letter that was actually offensive!
    So, be warned. This is why this site is so cool and necessary... there are actually human beings who are fluent in Spanish translating and looking out for meaning, rather than straight word to word translation.

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    Hi i am also looking for an English version of the song. Thanks for your translation. with "es hora de venecer" i believe it means it is time to overcome!
    praise him seems more suitable instead of worship for this song also.

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