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    Default Days Go By

    Quote Originally Posted by cural View Post
    i know this is over 8.5 years late, but try "saint cecilia" by the foo fighters. I'll bet this is the one you were thinking of. I just spent the past little while trying to figure out this one myself, after hearing it on the radio. I was certain it sounded like dave grohl singing, but when i searched the words "days go by" i couldn't find anything by them. I then decided to try putting the band's name into my search, and the first hit found me the same song i remember hearing on the radio.

    You're welcome,

    the song is called "days" by the drums. Has to be it.

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    Default DAYS by THE DRUMS

    Quote Originally Posted by ryanv View Post
    I was at the bar last night and I heard this song that has been bugging me ever since i woke up this AM. It sounded almost like three days grace, more of the mild rock type band. The only words I remember form it was "days go by." That is part of the chorus. Its about a guy who still misses his girl I'm thinking. Days go by and I still think of you or something like that......

    Please help, its driving me crazy!!!!


    The song is "Days" by The Drums.

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