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    Default Florin Salam & Liviu Pustiu - Amar Amar - Anyone does translate it? *

    I am not able fo find the lyrics of

    anyone who writes it down and translates it for us?

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    Florin Salam & Liviu Pustiu - Amar, amar (Bitter, bitter)

    Dedicăm această melodie din partea mea, Liviu Puştiu, şi din partea mea, Florin Salam, pentru sponsorul acestei casete, pentru Rustem Petrişor.
    We dedicate this song from me, Liviu Puştiu, and from me, Florin Salam, to the supporter of this cassette, to Rustem Petrişor.

    Amar, amar, amar este sufletul meu
    Bitter, bitter, bitter is my soul
    Că nu eşti lāngă mine
    Because you're not by my side
    Amar, amar, amar şi-mi este tare greu
    Bitter, bitter, bitter and it's so difficult
    Nu pot să uit de tine
    I can't forget you x2

    M-a blestemat Dumnezeu
    God cursed me
    Să fiu necăjit mereu
    To be always sad
    Să nu fii lāngă mine
    And you not to be by my side
    Fiindcă te iubesc prea mult
    Because I love you too much
    Stau mereu noaptea şi plāng
    I stay at night and cry over and over
    Cu gāndul doar la tine
    Thinking only about you x2

    Refrain x2

    De ştiam că n-am noroc
    If I knew that I'm unlucky
    Nu te mai iubeam deloc
    I wouldn't have loved you at all
    Şi nu sufeream
    And I wouldn't have suffered
    Eu prea mult te-am mai iubit
    I loved you too much
    Dar tu prea mult m-ai minţit
    But you lied to me too much
    Şi ne-am despărţit
    And we broke up x2

    I, II, refrain x4

    Nice song, though...I don't like this kind of music. To be more precisely, I hate the people who sing it, and I have some bad memories.
    Regarding your question about the underclass who listens to manele: this kind of music is made and sung especially by gypsies, or the people around them, with the same social status: very rich (illegal business or prostitution or many other ways to make money in a short time) and having no culture or education (they barely finish highschool).
    Of course, there are exceptions's like a contradiction between this genre of music and the others, either you like it, either you hate it. [I'm somewhere between, though , I tolerate it] The same for the people who listen to this music, most of them (I'd say 80% or more) have absolutely no culture nor education...It's not like it's the only music for this social class, you could say the same about hip-hop for example, just like black people- rappers in the ghettos- have poor education...anyways I'm saying that it's not necessary to listen to manele if you're illiterate, you can listen to anything and be like that ) [just the way I see things here in Romania]

    And...for the record...some years ago I met a manele singer, Liviu Guta, I was with a friend and there were many people in the room.. his behaviour was absolutely horrible [he thought he could touch me under my skirt]..They consider themselves soooo good, like if they have money, they can do whatever they want. A very common thing in Romania.....

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    Hello Raisa-Miruna,
    at first thank you for the work you have made

    Referring to Manele:
    the fact, this music is made by gypsies does not determ, whether the music is nice or not.
    On the other hand not all gypsies are involved in illegal business, are they?.
    And the lack of education is frequently due to economic reasons and the area where people live.

    Beseids I do not like all Manele songs but rather a few I select according to my feelings towards the melody and my taste.

    And the way some rich people behave is not only common in Romania...

    Thanks again for helping me !

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    You're welcome.
    Not all gypsies, but 99% of them...if they get the chance to do it high; if not -just stealing and small illegal things. Lack of know, when you do have the opportunity to get education, and you refuse it, should you say it's just an economical issue, as long as you don't have to pay anything to go to school?
    As I told you, it's not about the music, but the people who sing it and the people who listen to it, you can easily be classified if you're one of them. Personally, I have a few songs I like a bit, but that's all. And it's a really long subject, involving discrimination and many stuff, in the end each person chooses what he likes.

    Yeah, you're right anyways, it's not only about Romania...

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