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Thread: I NEED to know this reggae song!!!

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    It really sucks that I only know about one line of the chorus, but it's only because I only hear it at the club, and they only play a small chunk of the here it goes " girl I love you so, yeah ee yeahhh, yeah ee yeahh"...If ANYBODY can help me, I'd greatly appreciate it!

    also, when I had asked the DJ wat the song was called, he said "Girl I Love You So"...but I can't find ANY song ANYWHERE called "Girl I Love You So" I dunno if it has another name or something..but it's DEFINATELY reggae, and the "yeahh ee yeahhh" part, the "ee" is a higher pitch then the yeahh's...I dunno if that helps anymore..

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    Default no games

    the song is called no games. artist name is serani.

    Ohhh... Girl I love you
    Ohhh... Aaaaaa... ohhh
    It's it's it's serani
    Just in case you never know
    Just in case you never know oh oh
    Aaaa ohhh

    Love you girl
    Do you feel the same
    I doh wanna play... gaaaames
    No gaaaaames... ohhh
    You're the only that can out my flame
    Baby just play it straight straaaaight
    No games... ohhh
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    Been searching forever for the name of this song too.....
    THANK YOU SO MUCH TREY!!!!! ))))

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    i love this song

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