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    Default Hallelujah

    I'm looking for an explanation to the lyrics behind Cohen's "Hallelujah". Any sources out there?

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    Default Hallelujah Lyrics

    The second verse has some biblical references...."Your faith was strong but you needed proof, You saw her bathing on the roof, Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you" is a story of King David who saw a woman bathing and then meets her (Second Samuel, 11:2-6). Another reference is "She broke your throne and she cut your hair, And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah" This reference is to the story of Samson and how he lost his strength when his hair was cut by a woman (Judges 13-16). Seems these lyrics suggest something about the power of women and their use of beauty or love. Not really sure.

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    Smile Meaning of Hallelujah lyrics

    Hallelujah is a cover of a Leonard Cohen song.

    References are made to the story of King David of the Bible (he impregnated Bathsheba, who was married, and he found her bathing on a roof; David's plans to get her husband back to her in order to cover up the fact that he had impregnated her fails and he has him killed; therefore his cover-up led to David's undoing in the end.

    The lines that touch me most are: "Remember when I moved in you?/the Holy Dark was moving too/and every breath we drew was Hallelujah", which is a reference to the sexual intimacy & ecstacy they shared with each other.

    The lyric's themes include the depths of David's religious belief, falling into love, loving someone who is forbidden, the breaking of vows, the depths of despair, and the pain of separation from the two that he loves Bathsheba and God.

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