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    Question country song... about ex-girlfriend

    i remember hearing a country song a few years ago, i cant remember exact lyrics, song title, or artist. something about i can still hear your voice... or i can hear your voice in the next room.

    in general song was about missing an ex even when youre with someone new. any help is appreciated.

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    lost love is big territory in country music...
    it would help if you defined the always relative >a few years<
    pure country, bluegrass, acoustic or electric, soft or deep voice

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    Relatively recent, probably within last 5 years. Radio-ready country, no bluegrass or anything. Not a real deep or twangy voice, more like a radio pop-country male voice.

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    I think I saw something like this on another post...check this out and see if its what your looking for:

    The Czars - lullaby 6000

    See my smile I can hear your voice
    coming from another room
    in another land in a house
    in a corner of my heart

    So be quiet
    not make a sound
    do not blink now
    don't look down

    you don't know
    you'd never ever know
    I've forgotten all my lies
    I feel like a fool
    in a cold
    I don't even know myself
    any more

    come to me lay down beside me
    and close your eyes kiss me sleep
    for tonight

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    "Everytime I hear your name" by Keith Anderson or "I can still feel you" by Collin Raye

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