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What is this song, they say tonight at the end of almost every verse/chorus, it is said like (to-NIGHH-ight)?

It might be an 80's song. At the end of all verses/chorus they say toNIGHt.. tonight is said.(to-NIGHHH-ight). It could most likey be 80's, possibly 90s im not really sure....it is an old song though, i dont need the lyrics but if you could post them the song you think it is that would be great. Its not genesis or laszlo, like like an upbeat hugh pitched male voice.. again at the end of every verse and chorus and after some lines its said like (to-NIIGGHHH-ight) like low then -high pictched-back to low. Please help.
I was convinced it was a male voice singing "Tonight, we are beautiful" but after annoying my husband with it for several hours he suddenly said: "It's not Blondie is it?!!"
Turns out the song is Atomic and the verse in my head was: "TONIGHT - YOUR HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL!" 🤣🤣