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    Default bas to-sladja delibasic ft. dj milat lyrics

    can someone please please translate dis serbian song 4 me in english... thank you

    bas to- sladja delibasic ft dj milat lyrics

    Poznata, vidjena, slavna
    bas to je, je, je

    Bas to dve case na sto i don perignon
    bas to osecam nesto u pogledu tvom
    bas to dve case na sto i don perignon
    bas to ostani sa mnom i napravi lom

    Ti volis sexi izazovna tela
    bas tako gledas preko koktela
    elegantno sedim na tronu
    prekrstim noge u sexi fazonu

    Gledas me drsko burma na ruci
    slobodno pridji sto si u frci
    ona te kuci ceka pa ceka
    nek priceka, nek priceka



    Tako je dobra, tako je ful
    ko bi pored nje ostao cool
    bezobrazno sexi minic joj stoji
    rizik za mene kenta u boji

    Gledam to telo i gubim dah
    nivo maniri to je njen fah
    don perignon za njen sto
    malo initime i par sigurno

    Zmijsko telo, duga noga
    afrodizijak i babaroga
    ume da zavede
    ma nek me i razvede

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    Default Sladja Delibasic - Bas to

    That's It

    Well-known, in the spotlight, famous
    That's it, what she is, is, is

    That's it two glasses on the table and Don Perignon
    That's it I feel something in your look
    That's it two glasses on the table and Don Perignon
    That's it stay with me and trash the place

    You like sexy seductive bodies
    that's exactly the way you're looking over your cocktail
    I'm elegantly sitting on my throne
    cross my legs in sexy style

    You're watching me cheeky, wedding ring on hand
    feel free to come over, why are you stressed
    she is home waiting and waiting
    let her wait a bit, let her wait a bit



    She's so good, she so full
    who could, beside her, stay cool
    boldly sexy mini skirt suits her
    risk for me, kenta* in colour

    I'm watching the body and loosing my breath
    class, manners, that's her level
    Don Perignon at her table
    a bit of intimacy and a couple for sure

    Snake body, long legs
    aphrodisiac and boogywoman
    she can seduce
    well she can even divorce me

    *kenta is something in cards that I can't translate cause cards are not really my game lol

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