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    Default I`m looking for an 80s song in french

    So, I`m looking for an 80s song in french sang by a girl, pop, slow/mid tempo beat, soft and child voice. As you already know i don`t have the song title nor the artist name

    I was looking on youtube, I`ve found a lot of artist but not this one. Sounds a bit like I like Chopin from Gazebo and a bit to Ella elle l`a (only the first part of the song not the chorus).

    So, what do you think? can you help me?

    Thanks a lot

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    I have a strange feeling that I know the song and the artist.

    Please check this:

    Elsa - Jour de neige
    ***The translations have been done by Bijan Kardouni AKA veryclever1980***

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    That time Vanessa Paradis was very popular; a very wllknwon song of her is "Joe le Taxi"

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