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    Simen M

    Default Techno/dance song with the female vocal-text "konichiwa"

    Hello all. =)

    I'm looking for a techno/dance song with the female vocal-text "konichiwa" in it, and I don't know the other text very well since it probably was in a Japanese language (no offence but I'm from Norway and I heard it from behind a locked door :P). But I remember she singed "konichiwa" several times.. =)

    Do you know the song? ^^

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    is it Konichiwa *****es by Robyn?

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    Simen M

    No I'm sorry it's not. ._. It's more a techno/dance song, and it's both "konichiwa" and "ai-ai-a"(?) but it sounds more like "i-i-" that she sings during the song, and there's some kind of classic japanese melody in it too.

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