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    Default "it's all good" rap song

    Heard a rap song with a man rapping. It said "it's all good" multiple times through the chorus, so I thought that might be the title, but there are too many songs that come up in searches and none match up. Here are the parts that I remember:

    "Hip-Hop, Reggae, ____, It's all good" (I can't remember the '____' part, but it was a one syllable word) This part was repeated multiple times.

    and I remember one part that said "from the west coast to east coast" and I think it was followed by another "it's all good"

    I've searched for this song and can't find it. It's not Bone Thugs, or Krayzie Bone, MC Hammer, or Busta Rhymes.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hey There - You could Try "It's All Good" By DMX or 'All Good" by De La Soul

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    Probably "Ton" as in Reggaeton..

    dont know the song but have some additional info for ya(now im kinda curious myself)
    Found this :

    "when the beat hits the speaker it's good for all hoods hip hop pop, reggae its all good.."

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