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    Default Female Artist Trying to find song


    I heard a song on the radio the other day. I have heard it before but never seem to catch the title or artist - I would estimate it is from 2000-2005 maybe. It is a female artist singing and the latter part of the song really reminds me of OMC's How Bizzare. I have no idea who sings it or the name, can anyone help?

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    do you remember some of the lyrics?

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    Default Female Artisit - Trying to find song

    No - that is the problem. All I can remember is that it is a female singer solo at the beginning and then half way through the song, the latter part kind of reminds me of the latter part of OMC's How Bizarre. It is kind of soft and flowing at flowing at the end...maybe even a hint of jazz. I tried logging on to the radio station's recent playlist but couldn't find anything. I think I will have to wait until it plays again to get more information. This song has been driving me crazy for the past two years...although I think it is older than 2 years.
    Thanks for your help

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    My wild guess is OMC's song "4 All of Us" (featuring Lucy Lawless on backing vocals).
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    Default Female Artist

    Thanks for trying but the song is sung by a female vocalist solo, it starts off a soft ballad and then picks some speed half way through. Dang...I wish I could remember some of the words....maybe it will come to me eventually.

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