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    Default Assi El Helani - Nour El Sahar [*]

    translation please!! Thanks

    nor el sahr daw el 2amr yarsm 2adr 3sha2 mn hm sha2e w 7abh la2eh w mnhom b2a 3fra2

    lam7t basr 3omr el bashr 3sha2t safr w 3`yab 3esh el hwa wkon el dwa nb2a swa a7bab

    shof el dna 3`flt sna w el waldna btro7 dale ad7ke wala tshtke yakfe bake w gro7

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    نور السهر ضو القمر يرسم قدر عشاق
    The light of staying up at nights
    The light of the moor, draw the fate of lovers
    من هم شقى وحبه لقيه ومنهم بقى عفراق
    Some of them is misrable, but found his love
    and some of them separated

    لمحة بصر عمر البشر عشقة سفر وغياب
    at glace, human life is like travelling love and absence
    عيش الهوا وكون الدوا نبقى سوا احباب
    Live love and be the cure
    And we stay lovers together

    شوف الدنى غفلة سنى والولدنى بتروح
    (I) see the world
    negligence of a year and boyish is gone
    ضلى اضحكى ولا تشتكى يكفى بكى وجروح
    Stay laughing and don't complain
    It's enough crying and hurt

    I did my best... some versed are strange, even for me
    لا يَشْكُرُ الله مَنْ لا يَشْكُرُ النَّاس
    The One Who Doesn't Thank Others, Doesn't Thank God

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