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    Default Lyrics to "Amara Me" by Nino Rota from the movie Love and Anarchy

    Hello, I've been looking all over the internet and can't find the italian lyrics to this song. Could someone please write them out? And maybe if possible tell me the gist of the song, I don't know Italian . Thank you so much!
    Here is a youtube videa from the movie where the song is,
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    Hi. This song is in truth a traditional song from southern county of Italy Abruzzo, so the lyrics is not just in Italian but in dialect from Abruzzo.
    It's the complaining of a widowed woman who is disperate for herself and her baby. I write you the lyrics and then the translation:

    TITLE: Marč maje

    Marč maje e scure maje
    tu si muorte e jč che facce
    mo me sciatt 'e trecce 'n facce
    mo m'accite 'n goll 'a taie

    E mare mą, mare mą, mare maje
    e scure mą, scure mą, scure maje
    mo m'accite, mo m'accite, mo m'accite
    'n goll 'a taje

    So' na pechera spirgiute
    lu mundune m'ha lassate
    lu guaggiuone sembr' abbaje
    pe la fame mo s'arraje.

    E marč mą...

    Je a tinč na casarielle
    mo so sule e abbandunate
    senza casa e senza lette
    senza pane e companaje

    Poor me!
    Poor me, me disperate, you have died and now what shall I do? Now I undo my plaits all over my face, now I kill myself over you. I'm a condemned sheep, the ram has left me alone, the cub is always crying and it will end up to get angry for its hunger. Poor me, me desperate (ecc...). I had a small house, now I'm lonely and abandoned, without a house nor a bed, without bread nor companage.

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