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    Default solved: "Arianne" by Kyle Vincent

    ok, I have another song I'm trying to indentify and I think it's going to be another toughy as the only place I heard this was on Muzak or some similar store/easy-listening station. the singer is a male, and I'm guessing by the sounds of it was probably sometime in the 1990's, but I'm not to sure on that. it's an adult contemporary-ish song. the chorus was something like:

    I miss Carrie-anne.

    or it could have been Maryanne, or some other similar sounding name. But the chorus was I miss (blank) Anne.

    Please note that this is not Carrie Anne by the Hollies, that much I know for sure.

    any help is appreciated, thanks.
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    ok, after much hours of research over the past few days, i have reason to believe this is "Arianne" by Kyle Vincent, however I can't verify that yet as I'm at work, and every website I try to hear the song or even a snippet of it is blocked, or can't access it. When I get home, I will try it there and get back ASAP.

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