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Thread: Wael Kfoury - Hokm el alb [*]

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    Default Wael Kfoury - Hokm el alb [*]

    Could someone please translate the new song of wael?
    Hokm el alb?
    Please ;(

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    Hey !
    Tried my Best !
    Nice song btw !

    ناس بنتلاقه فيهم بننساهم بعد الملقى
    nas bnetla2a fihon bnensahon ba3d el-mal2a
    There are People we met them, then forget them after meeting

    ناس بنتلاقه فيهم وبتعز علينا الفرقه
    nas bnetla2a fihon o bt3iz 3alaina el-fer2a
    and There are People we met them, and then we become afraid of leaving

    وناس بنترافق ع دروب نحنا وياهم بندوب
    o nas bnetfara2 3a drpub n7ne weyahon be-ndoub
    and There are people, we're together in the ways, we both melt

    ومين بيعرف شو المكتوب بنفارق ما لابنبقى
    o meen bey3ref sho el-maktoub be-nfare2 malla mneb2a
    and who knows what has been written in the destiny, we leave or we stay toghether

    هيدا القلب وحكم القلب هو بيختاره وبحب والقلوب بتتهنى بالحب
    hayda el-2alb o 7ekm el-2alb, hoi beykhtaro o bey7eb, o 2loub tet-hanna bel-7ob
    This is the Heart, and its choice, it can choose and love, and the Heart be happy when they loves

    وقلوب بتبقى بتبقى محترقه
    o 2loub bteb2a me7ter2a
    and there are Hearts stay burned

    ناس بيعشقونه كتير حب النا مش عادي
    nas bey3sha2oh kteer, 7obbon elna mesh 3ady
    There are people adore us, their love (for us) is unnormal

    ناس بينسونه وبنصير نعشقهم نحنا زيادة
    nas beynsoona o benseer, ne3sha2hon n7na be-zyade
    and there are people forgot us, then we love them more

    وفي ناس بتقسى وبتخون ناس بتعشق حبها جنون وحتى بعذابها بتكون عم تعيش بسعادة
    o fi nas bte2sa o betkhoun, nas bte3sha2 7obha jnoun, o 7atta be-3ad'abha betkoun, 3m t3ish be-sa3adeh
    and there are people become stringy, and people adore and their love is crazy (love crazily), even they got excruciation with her, they live in happiness(with her)
    Syria ♥
    لّا إِلَهَ إِلاَّ أَنتَ سُبْحَانَكَ إِنِّي كُنتُ مِنَ الظَّالِمِينَ
    To be or to be ? It depends
    Boş laf bunlar hepsi bahane halim ne kötü ne şahaneee!!

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    I think it shud be "walla" not "malla mneb2a"

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