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    Lightbulb Dallas Cowboys 80s song

    Hello All,

    A wierd request unless your a Dallas Cowboy fan. When I was a kid in the 80s I used to remember two songs they'd play for the Dallas Cowboys. The first one was a song that went something like this:

    "Dallas, Dallas, We are the cowboys, super strong, super speed, fe fi fo ......dallas cowboys, cowboy football"

    It was a cheasy song but cool. I can't find the song anywhere, not the lyrics, artist or any place to buy download.

    And the second song was the Dallas cowboys 12 days of christmas that started as so:

    "on the first day of christmas Tom Landry gave to me, a Dallas cowboys super bowl ring"

    The remainder of the song included different players like ed too tall jones, danny white, randy white.

    Any help on the lyrics, any websites that may have them, or if you know of any that can be downloaded/bought. Thanks for any help.

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    Default cowboys song

    the first song was sung by charlie pride its on a 45 record, and i have 1.

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    There's an album by the name of: Dallas Cowboys Christmas
    which has on the track list,
    1. I Don't Want to Be Home Christmas - The Dallas Cowboys
    2. Twelve Days of Christmas - The Dallas Cowboys.

    If you go to the above link, it's available as a free download. [legally]

    Worth a try - you can always delete it if that's not the one.

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    I don't know anything about any other songs for the Dallas Cowboy's but have written a song that I think would be a good song for them I have it recorded and all the legal stuff but would like to get it to someone to listen to it, if anyone knows let me know just reply to this message and th anks

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