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    Default (*) Yasmin Levy - Perdono

    Another song by Yasmin Levy

    I'd appreciate if could get again the translation as well

    Thank you

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    Por olores de perfumes baratos / For (because of) the smells of cheap perfumes
    Por tantas mujeres con risa burlona/ For many women with their mocking laugh
    Por lagrimas que perdieron su sabor/ for the tears that lost their taste

    Por noches llenas de soledad / For nights full of loneliness
    En las que mis manos acariciaron mi cuerpo/ in the ones when my hands caressed my body
    Mi cuerpo lloraba/ my body was crying
    Por el tiempo que no volvera/ for the time that won't come back

    Perdono, solo para ti/ I forgive, only for you
    Perdono, solo por tu bien/ I forgive, only for your own good
    Perdono, aunque no me lo pediste/ I forgive, even if you don't ask me

    Por la compasion del aullido del lobo/ For the compassion of the owl of the wolf
    Por los momentos de piedad del viento/ for the moments of mercy of the wind
    Que me acaricio/ that cherished me

    Por los rallos de mi amor ardiente/ for the rays of my burning love
    Que cegaron mis ojos y me hicieron tu sombra/ that blinded my eyes and make me your shadow
    Y por no escuchar el lobo que me mando a irme/ and for hadn't listened the wolf that commanded me to go

    Perdono, solo para mi/ I forgive, only for me
    Perdono, solo por mi bien/ I forgive, only for my own good
    Perdono, a pesar que ya estas lejos/ I forgive, despite what is in the future
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