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    Smile Need a song to dedicate to my daughter

    I have three children and my oldest and youngest have songs that I have dedicated to them but not my middle.. Whenever my children were born I have always "given" them a song. You will be blessed by Elton John is for my oldest daughter. When my second daughter was born I dedicated Creeds With Arms Wide Open. Well, then my son was born and honestly With Arms Wide Open is more for a son than a daughter.. Which leaves my youngest daughter (and middle child) without a song of her own. I am looking for a song for a little girl, something sweet, nothing country.. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

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    Is this from a mother or a father.???

    Butterfly Kisses.

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    Just a quick one that came to mind that she'll appreciate even more so when she matures is Cat Stevens Wild World.
    I Can See You

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    Marc Anthony - My Baby You, he dedicated this to his daughter, it is the first thing that came on my mind

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    kiss from a rose - seal
    Dance like no one is watching, Sing like no one is listening, Love like you’ve never been hurt, Live like it’s heaven on earth

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