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    Default Turkish forum recommendations

    I've been looking on the web for ever. I tried every thing but I all I get is like small forums and can't get any thing of it. I think of a forum that contains a wide collection of movies, series, songs, books...etc, but I don't know where to look or how since my Turkish not that good and I'm not familiar with the Turkish sites available, so, what's the best forum you've ever seen?

    I hope I'm allowed to post such a question here, all I want is just your help for personal use, nothing else is intended.
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    What do you want exactly? You know, movies and songs are not legal.

    I think this is the biggest Turkish forum:

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    not the biggest one so because forumtr using a name about a race or country and luring people have no any thing inside I chek this forum everytime for conquer online section still not any thing on this

    if would you like to learn turkish better you must chek azerian-turkmen sites first thats harder to learn but realy help full to understand turks cuz they also talk as old times
    you live in our hearts and will revive soon KRG

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