Hi there,

I was listening to this song on the radio- it was euro poppy song, sung by a male singer & lots of audio tricks- electronic, muffling it (I can't supply the technical terms)

The lyrics were.. pretty bad in my opinion to be honest. I was telling my friend about it and wanted to show her on youtube bc it was so funny, but after typing in lyrics after lyrics I couldn't find the matching song and artist.

These are a few lines: the chorus goes like this "I don't understand what you want (want) you want or you don't (don't) you want or you don't (don't)"
some more lines include:
"I used to send you a message with a hug and a kiss... next time you call i'll say sorry who's this"
"You're only dancing with him cause he's your safety net"
"I've known you for ages..." "where are your friends now"

I have typed these into google to no avail!! I was hoping someone out there might be able to help me identify this song...
will you? won't you?
Thanks a million!!!!!! (in advance)