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    Default raggae/ dancehall song "yeah eee yeah"

    Hey I'm looking for this song I heard tonight. couldn't really identify the music type, assuming it was raggae or slow dancehall. I think the lyrics went "I don't wanna hurt no more yeah eeee yeah oh yeah eee yeah awww"
    I'm not really sure about the I don't wanna hurt part but I'm pretty sure the singer says "no more" and definitely says "yeah eee yeah" the "eee" part is pronounced like the alphabetical letter "e".
    would be very grateful for your help.

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    searched itfor 3 days, found ur threat, had to help u...... just registered for this post

    Serani - No Games

    hes singing:
    Love you girl
    Do you feel the same
    I doh wanna play... gaaaames
    No gaaaaames... ohhh
    You're the only that can out my flame
    Baby just play it straight straaaaight
    No games... ohhh

    hope taths the right one


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