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    Default O Kir Thanos by Mitropanos

    can anyone translate O Kir Thanos by Mitropanos into English for me.

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    Title: O kir Thanos
    Lyrics: Kostas Virvos
    Music: Grigoris Bithikotsis
    Sung by Grigori Bithikotsis
    LP: Mazi me ton Grigori Bithikotsi (ΕΜΙ 1970)
    Track no: 10

    Link to song ->!v=UkJuPvgrdWA

    Ο κυρ-Θάνος πέθανε παραπονεμένος
    Mister Thanos died, under complain
    ώρα δυο στο καπηλειό του Χατζηθωμά.
    at 2 o' clock in Chatzithomas' tavern
    Τελευταία πέρναγε φτώχειες ο καημένος
    Lately, the poor man was facing financila difficulties
    κι είχε βάλει ενέχυρο και τον μπαγλαμά.
    and he had put in pledge even his baglama

    Τον μπαγλαμά, τ' αδέρφι του
    The baglama, his own brother
    που τού 'φτιαχνε το κέφι του
    the one that could cheer him up
    ενέχυρο τον έδωσε
    put it in pledge
    και ο κυρ-Θάνος έσβησε.
    and so mister Thanos died.

    Κάποιος αν του πλήρωνε κάτι λίγα χρέη
    If there was somenone, to pay for him, some small debts
    θα 'χε τ' οργανάκι του, θα 'ταν στη ζωή.
    he would have had his little instrument, he would have been alive
    Μα κανείς δεν ρώτησε, τάχα γιατί κλαίει.
    But noone asked, what's the reason he was crying
    Τον καημό του αλλουνού ποιος τον εννοεί;
    Which is the one to understand somebody's suffering?

    Notice: In the following picture you can take a look at Baglamas and Bouzouki

    "Gilgamesh, where are you hurrying to?
    You will never find that life for which you are looking.
    When the gods created man they allotted to him death,
    but life they retained in their own keeping"

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