I was doing a search to find a few words in a song, that were hard to understand, and I came across this site.
The artist is I Wayne, the song is Living In Love.
Whoever posted these lyrics made A LOT of mistakes.
Not to complain too much, but the song is very powerful, and the way this person has them written, some of it makes no sense at all.
If someone could let me know if this can be changed and updated to the proper lyrics, and how to do so, I would greatly appreciate it.
I mean the person just decides to add their own lyrics in some places it seems.
Like mentioning shooting Iran???? WTH
Nowhere in the song does I Wayne EVER mention Iran. Let alone shooting them!
Or making up their own new word killocide?
SMH it says stop war and go till the soil. Not stop war and the killocide???
And what is a "Bounce of the nile"???? It is Banks of the Nile.
The 2nd verse does not start out "so life see it and mek it buss har"
It is "sow life seed and mek it bust her"
And "such is life, them say is just her"??? makes no sense. it is "such is life, dem say ah just earth"
And what is the meaning of "the scorn in the mud"???
The song says "nuff neglect the farming, scorning the mud"
And what is a "Take Master"??? The song says Slavemaster.
Please excuse my ramblings, but I hated to see this talented writers lyrics butchered so bad. The person who put the lyrics up makes I wayne sound like an uneducated fool, when the proper lyrics show quite the opposite.