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    Arrow Marina Viskovic- Gde si ti

    can someone please translate this song for me?
    Thank you

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    Gde si ti?
    Where are you?

    Opet ovo ubi me,
    Again this kills me,
    neko drugi ljubi me.
    Someone else is kissing me.
    Trudi se da leti ovaj let.
    He tries to fly this flight.

    A ti lep k'o prvi sneg,
    And you, beautiful like first snow,
    a na mojoj duši tek ostaje...
    And on my soul it stays…
    ...težak k'o ceo svet.
    Heavy like the whole world.

    Gde si ti?
    Where are you?

    Znam da brzo prestaće
    I know that it will stop quickly
    i on negde nestaće.
    And that he will disappear somewhere.
    Znaće da smo se razboleli.
    He will know that we got ill.

    A ti lep k'o dece smeh,
    And you, beautiful like children laugh,
    kao onaj prvi greh,
    Like that first sin,
    koji smo zajedno voleli.
    That we loved together.

    Gde si ti?
    Where are you?

    Pogrešni svi moji znaci,
    Wrong are all my signs,
    vode me ka propasti.
    They are leading me to disaster.
    A oko mene ostaci naše ljubavi...
    And around me the remaining of our love…

    A gde si ti? A gde si ti?
    And where are you? And where are you?

    Moja biografija
    My biography
    stane na par hartija,
    Fills a few pieces of paper
    koje su teške za čitanje...
    that are difficult to read…

    A ti lep k'o prvi cvet,
    And you, like first flower (in the spring)
    a ja kao suncokret,
    And I like sunflower.
    koji još moli za svitanje.
    which still begs for dawn.

    A gde si ti? Gde si ti?
    And where are you? Where are you?

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