hi people,
i saw the vid when i was round 10, so it must have been round 1990 or earlier and i remember it very vague. most i remember are parts of the vid. its a fast song with (mouth) haromika in the refrain and english texts. back then it must have been a fairly famous song the vid is very low budget (old school). singer has british accent and the surroundings in the vid look british. there is a garden (back yard?) its green some things or someone is flying around (you can actually see the line that lift him). the vid looks low budget cuz you can see the lines of the (film)tape just like you used to see in old black white films and the first films in colors. i actually heard the song last month when i was at mermaids tale restaurant in london, however they said they cant help me since they cant stop their 2000 song list nor can they read it off their cd player or whatever it was. it was also loud in the restaurant so i wasnt able to hear one word of the lyrics. i would be thankful for any suggestions!