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    Default Semra Algül - El Çek Tabip Sinem Üstünden

    Hi everybody.

    This is the first time I'm posting here a translation request and I want to say first that it is a blessing to have this Turkish lyrics forum, I already found a lot of translations I was looking for. And those who take their time to translate, they do a really great thing in making the Turkish culture better known.

    These would be the lyrics I'd like to request a translation:

    El Çek Tabip Sinem Üstünden

    El çek tabip el çek sinem üstünden
    Sen benim derdimi bilebilmezsin
    Yarem yürektendir yoktur ilacın
    Sen benim yaremi sarabilmezsin

    Yüzün güleçtir içerin hayın
    Çeken bilir bu sevdanın yayın
    Yıktın viran ettin ömrüm sarayın
    Sen onun bir taşın örebilmezsin

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    Doctor, steer clear of my chest
    you cannot diagnose my affliction
    Wrenching me at the heart, your remedies are futile to my pain
    Do not attempt to nurse my wounds in vain

    You have an amicable simile with a baleful intent behind
    Only the endurant bear witness to the pangs of affection
    She rended the edifice of my life, left it in ruins
    You cannot restore a single brick of it

    Misralar nasil verildiyse oyle cevirmeye calistim ama Anadolu foklorunde sevgiliye veya doktora hain demek yoktur diye biliyorum. Misralarin dogrulugunu kontrol etmek lazim.

    I tried to translate the lyrics verbatim. To my knowledge, it is unusual in Anatolian folklore to slander the loved one or the doctor. One should check the authenticity of the lyrics.

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