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    Default can't remember a song with the words "come to me"

    Hello everyone, i'm new here
    I remember some parts of an old song (not very old but MTV's 90's). Anyway, I don't konw who's singing the song or the name of the song and this is why I need your help. A man is singing the song and after the chorus is over (with the words "come to me") there is a female voice singing "come to me, come to me". I've tried to look for this song but couldn't find it. The song is not by Koop, Bjork or Puff Daddy.

    Thanks and have a great week,
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    Hello there,

    I got 2 possibilities , try:

    Sertap Erener feat Ricky Martin - Private Emotion. It's a Hooters cover song from the late 90's.

    Or, try:

    Come To Me - Bobby Caldwell. I believe it's from the early 90's.

    If this doesn't help you, could you provide us with a genre ?

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