The Blood Says You Can lyrics

You may have wandered
Down the path you were on
Found yourself lonely and lost
A long way from home
The guilt deep inside says
That you've gone too far this time
That you can't be forgiven
And there's no need to try - but…

The blood says you can
Put the past all behind
Your sin will be covered
your pardon signed
Satan tells you it's hopeless
And that you can't go back home again
But the Father is waiting with arms open wide
The blood says you can

We've all made our choices
That became our mistakes
And stood in the ashes, the bridges we've burned
Felt the pain and heartaches
But the blood of Jesus
Does what nothing else can do
There's a place called forgiveness
And there's room for you - 'cause…

(repeat chorus)

When you're reminded of mistakes you have made
Just remember the price has been paid - and…

(repeat chorus)

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