Have You Seen It? lyrics

Album: Nile

at their tables
families sit around and air their feelings
at their tables
taking daily sustinence
watching tv spewing forward with the awful dealings
they caress us with their damning evidence

tell me have you seen it
have you seen the news today
?coz we best believe it
there must be another way
there is no mistaking
all the suffering we see there
even though we fake it
still deep inside we care

when I see the waring everywhere
it makes me cry to be a world wide resident
it's their love of glory

and your lack of overstanding yeah
so please change your thinking there
behind the president


why complain
you look OK
and you can pay it off
you're free of stains
can get no blame
till you have had enough
move smooth these days
your dollars pay
to cut the pain right out
your groove it plays
the ghetto way
no you don't have no doubt


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