Cali-text Connect lyrics

Come slip into my darkness
Stopless, Got Rich
Puttin out the hot hits
With true convicts
Block this studio, 3 month blackout
Rap out the bad route, and those who had doubt
Mad shouts, to all my boys at the crackhouse
Catchin' every sucka who done ran South
Stand proud, but I can't see behind these damn clouds
Me and Lil' John Gotti, rockin' 80 grand crowds
Fresh off the back street, concrete fatha figure
Niggas shiver when I deliver
Blastin' hollerin' "Timber!"
Talk is cheap, and most of ya'll a crock of shit
I chop a brick, and flip it like the opposite
'Cuz all my chickens layin' 36 eggs
Got recruits in black boots that never shoot for the legs
No sunshine, streets in my bloodline
Love's blind, understand my Thug mind

From Tex to Cali, every hood, every alley
Smokin' on Smally in my candy coated Caddy
Bendin blocks on Goldie Locks
17 shots
Cops, swearin to God we sellin rocks

I stand in the sunset
Hand on my pistola
Late night redrum
Lost at Sinaloa
Down on the docks in Diego
Art Lupo in the Lexus
Movin weight to Houston, Texas
Got a chicken, finger lickin
and it's all good.
Then I hook up South Park Mex
Big green bag of cess
Hoppin up and down like a Kangaroo
In my sky blue '62, now what you wanna do?
We make shit move, like pounds and keys
Ain't nobody who can f**k, with these West Coast G's.
What you tell 'em homie? What you tell 'em loco?
Man ain't nobody who can f**k with these Gulf Coast G's


Hobby Airport flight 276
pick up the homie Frost
let's get in the mix.
Now we up and creased out
Puffin green Garcia y Vegas
Mackin to a cheerleader from the Oakland Raiders
Yo Frost, peep game. Check the silicone titties
Yeah homes. Man they remind me of the ones in my city
'Cuz I've been around the world
All kinds of girls
I'm a little John Gotti
Duke duke of Earl
ShyTown, Atlantic City,
Vegas and Reno
We Latino Gambinos
And we breakin Casinos
It's the SPM, a.k.a. Caro Quintero
Just me and my perros
Flyin through the ghetto
With 7 pounds of fierro
El Mero Mero
Puttin down with that hazel-eyed Guero.
Man orrayos, flippin gallos, hittin hydros
I'm the one that's got 'em floatin in them bayous
SPM, are you with it?
La neta.
Dos vatos viviendo la vida chueca.
Dos vatos, Poco Locos
Pachando sospichosos
Asi trabaja, ese juego
Mi palabra es todo lo que tengo
En el monte, El Coyote
Con los ojos que miran en la noche

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