Wiggy Wiggy lyrics

Album: Time Is Money

Hold up on the double, these boys want trouble They call me flinstone and my boy is born Rubble Rebel, Devil, chase em' through the ghetto Break these muthaf**kas off with just one dedo Metal bracelets, facin' worse incarceration Since Elementary, it was destined for me To see the penitentiary Late friday, or was it early saturday? I hit hin with the shotty that I bought from the academy
Duck for cover, you're marked mothaf**ka
Din't mama say not to play with niggas from the gutta? I smell undercovers, I die with ny brothers And when I'm on the mic I represent all colors Last summer, I escaped from an asylum, You know the three digits, bitch you better dial them
No matter where you at, do you represent ya city? Do you take fools out like the homie Frank Nitty? Did your crib get raided by this little PIGGY? Have you ever whooped a nigga til he really look silly?
[Baby Beesh]
I suck the blood like a mosquito, facing judge Ito,Joint in my mouth, looking big as a burrito
Turnin' ten in to twenty, twenty into fourty
Fourty into eighty, everthing is gravy Why don't you play me in your deck-uhMicrophone checker Quick to grab a chickenhead and clucth by the neck-uh Double decker, hoes on my woody woodpecker Niggas call me Grind say I'm a homewrecker Berreta under my Raider sweater F**k a fine loca by the name of Juleta Stackin' more chedda, the speedy gonzales, Smoother than the head of Mister Telly Savalas Tu sabes haciendo jales, moving yales Order two tacos with beans and nopales T blame us, just because I'm famous And I got my middle finger up your baby mama anus,bitch

Do you raise Ben Davis or do you sag Dickies?
Does your bitch got your name tatooed on her titty? Dou bump Tupac or do you bump Biggie? Do you sleep with your wife or with a nine milli?

I got sacks for sale in the land of hell, My enemies don't even get a chance to yell
In the black seville, with my man Miguel
Little beings wanna put my f**king ass in jail
Stack my mail, where the bastards dwell
Puffin' on Jane cuz that's my gal Never brag or tell, but i blast em well, I shoot more shots than Sam Cassell Well, pick the chosen and form an alliace Move in silence, we got the loyal clients Coorporate giants, with street science Cookin' dope on a kitchen applience Don't try it, if you can't keep quiet
I put seventeen bullets in your diet Laying in a puddle cuz you hoes wanna rumble SPM like Tarzan, King of the jungle

Do you got five screens in your '86 Rivi?
Do you flip Snow white quick, fast, in a jiffy?
When you buy new tennies do you spend one fifty? Do you smoke Swisher Sweets or do you smoke Phillies? Have you ever bought a tv form Dope Fiend Willie? Do you sip Cognac or do you sip Remy'Have you ever slapped a bitch for giving you a big hickey?
Do you get shit crunk or do you get jiggly?
Will you still be f**kin' when your past sixty?
Could I hide in your house if the cops is trying to get me? Would you f**k a thick bitch even though she wasn't pretty?
If I was doing bad would you smoke a blunt with me? Are you a young city slicker or a county hillvillie?

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