Babay (Eat A Critter, Feel Its Wrath) lyrics

and i thank my lucky stars everyday for indoor plumbing
cause i know nobody knows where i'd have ended up without it
caught a bit of my fur in your teeth, and you ate me
as i went sliding down your throat they heard my cry resound:
i will always be around.
i thought that i would always be around.

but inside your digestive trip
what was there for me to grip?
i wanted nothing more than just to stay there
the truth is i was just too dumb
to stop myself from holding on.
i believed in love.

the truth is i was just so dumb
i mistook your refuse for love
clinging in the bowels as the shits poured on
i might've stayed on but the gravity released me
and out, out i dropped
and now here i lay steaming.

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