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  1. People get shocked when I say Linear Algebra is an inferior brench of Algebra, yes for the pure algebrists, this is true, but for applications, it's...
  2. Galois is the father of modern algebra. This is one that doesn't pain, easy, basic, well-writen and clear through into the hard path of showing that...
  3. Guys, I hate Calculus, but this is one that can change your mind, full of examples, applications, and solution manual available on web ;). Excelent....
  4. Basic but the bible on it. ;)
  5. Yes it's naive, but very funny
  6. I learned to like it, believe it or not
  7. The bible, other books just a copy of it
  8. Who said that one function must have just one variable? ;)
  9. Amazing mild and simple, but powerfull. Great on the algebraic topology, but very humbly of course
  10. Ok, the notations are very dense but when you get used to it, it gets easy. It's the bible of this subject
  11. And when I thought there wouldn't be another interesting book on CGT, I just found this. I love the way he stirs us with oustanding problems, some...
  12. There's no best book on begining Analysis. That's all. If you learned this first you would laugh of the pitiful world that Calculus   is.
  13. Basic group theory is very nice here, and the chapters on Combinatorial Group Theory is just great
  14. He tells you the essential, with outstanding examples and applications very concisely
  15. Combinatorial Group Theory is the part that I more appreciate on Group theory. Full of mysteries and conjectures with very simple objects: group...
  16. This teachs you quickly the language and the main ideas of the current topics and research in Group Theory
  17. Concise, full of details, minuncious, dense, sometimes boring, and ... basic... Can it be? Yes, but it's just perfect on Sylow classifications of...
  18. Great overall throughout Linear Algebra, group, rings and field theory. Exercises are hard :(

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