Conversation Between aamirsayid and afsaneh

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    afsaneh said:
    hi aamirsayid, how are u?
    yes i'm from iran. you're right it's very beautiful. where r u from?
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    aamirsayid said:
    Thanks Afsaneh.

    You are from Iran, right? Beautiful place it is.
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    afsaneh said:
    They are Khashayar, Hamid and Keyvan , it's Khashayar I think i'm not sure i'm not so much into their music
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    aamirsayid said:
    Salam Afsaneh,
    Can you please tell me who is the singer in the Barobax's version of the song "Khodaye Asemoonha"? He sure has enthralling voice.