Conversation Between Hazel and Hanisa

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    Hazel said:
    Please translate in english,, thanks
    یه مشت خو خه هستن جاي مت اينجا نيست

    یه مشت خو خه هستن جاي من اينجا نيست
    Are these sentences the same, thanks
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    Hazel said:
    Hello Miss Hanisa,
    Thanks for your help, they are my friends but i don't know what and who milad is to them i was just being curious cause they have to speak persian around me so that i will not understand... Your such a help ma'am, thank you very much... Bye the way can i ask something again, thanks
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    Hanisa said:
    Hi Hazel
    I read the conversation
    I must tell you that persons who speak in this conversation are very rude
    And I can't understand some of their sentence
    They speak about 'Milad': every one think about Milad , 'Amin' :Married with his cousin and she heard it from her friend ,& 'Masih" : was so nice,
    It was all of the thing that I get from their conversation, Hope to help you
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    Hazel said:
    Good day miss hanisa,
    I am a new member here but i am reading your threads for the long time speacially about persian translation. I am very fascinated with your language so i decided to log in here... Please help me... I posted a message in the PERSIAN TRANSLATION THREAD a wjhile ago but no one replied... Can you u translate it for me...
    You are very much appreciated
    Kheyli Mamnoon in advance...