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    amaryn said:
    Ne! Ti kanis? Got your message starting with "hello", but didnot see your name.
    As of late my e mail has been attacked by "hello" messages containing wormseek: I didnot open the message
    My laptop is always grateful I don't, that way I have no trouble
    So, I suggest, you put something more than "hello" and there'll be
    no hesitation in reading your messages
    I loved autum in Greece too: Everything green and lots of louloudia!
    Andiou, Jenova! Enjoy the season!
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    amaryn said:
    Sparta is on the Peloponesos, right? Or somewhere near? Very hot in summer Got any forests left? We still have plenty, though this summer temperature rose up to 38 degrees and people refused to go to work,hahaha
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    amaryn said:
    hi! thanks for the link As the link might be unreliable (issues??), would you be so kind to send me the english translation So I can learn this ong much faster
    I'll squeeze you digitally as a matter of efxaristo poli!
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    amaryn said:
    Hi Jenova! and iassou! Thanks a lot. Do you know wat "malakkia"
    means? I have the impression that it is a love song, right?
    Liked Euboia very much. You live in Greece?