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    amaryn said:
    Has Nikita gone on a constant holiday or is this a keek a boo play? Miss you baby!
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    amaryn said:
    Summer's moving on, first colouring visible. Where are u, Nikita?.......
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    amaryn said:
    I'll look at it later, Nikita. I have a concert today and tomorrow is also busy for various reasons. Next week I am on stage on wednesday and thursday. Thanks, selamlar =hugs Very nice idea you have had there!
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    Nikita said:
    I am starting the getting to know better thread during this evening I will just figure out the basics...
    And how many on facebook, really care about each other or would notice someone being gone?
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    amaryn said:
    Hi Nikita!Saw your proposal to Frankie about having a thread "about us", a splendid idea!!!! Crisa was going into that direction when she started the ATL Chat Cafe and then we have also the Heartbreaking Club, but still, they are somewhat different. Why not?
    After all. Fb could be OK, but I'm not in it at present and I did that as I received too much spam after that.
    Have to be careful with such forums which half a milliard people use and abuse (certainly)
    This forum is more intimate, and feels safer and better therefore. What do ye say????
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    amaryn said:
    Thank you, Nikita! Much appreciated you visit the Greek thread too, though at present at a sad moment.:sadface:
    I saw Theodorakis performing in Greece. He is a living legend there, of course, as he contributed so much to getting
    the Greek their freedom back in 1973. "kaimos" means sorrow and the translation is available on lyrics translate.
    Take care!
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    amaryn said:
    Thanks for the pm's, Nikita Much appreciated. Have to clear it again, I suppose. It is full too often too soon
    Nice weekend coming up for you?
    Crete? Oh, yes, why not, been there a few times, especially near Iraklion
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    Nikita said:
    Yeah I do have a Greek Boyfriend... Lucky for me, he lives in DK at the moment, otherwise I would go crazy I think hehe
    Greek music is amazing, but I understand like nothing of the language... I try, but the letters are killing me

    Amsterdam is really nice, I've been there once, I'll need to go again soon

    Nice meeting you too...
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    amaryn said:
    Iassou, Nikita! Seen you on the Greek dedication thread I opened the other day and from elsewhere I seem to remember you have a Greek boyfriend. Though I am from Amsterdam I spent two years in Greece and fell in love with their music and dancing.
    Nice meeting you!