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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    Thank you, Nikita. I am glad to know that I "read" you correctly. It's perfectly understandable that solutions come easier for another person's problems!! You are funny--about your "solution" to your difficulty!! Oh, my. That sounds like something crazy I'd do to myself! Thank you for working on the new thread. Take your time--the theme and "pre-requisites" (or whatever, rules...) will lay the basis for the entire thread. Perhaps the first "question" could be, "Who is your ATL contact in case of emergency?" (You could explain a little why the need for this.) That way, most members' ATL "contacts" will be at the start of the thread instead of mixed-up throughout a long, active thread about sharing our lives! OR, we could answer that question in RED, to make it stand out! Otherwise we'd have to go through pages and pages of posts trying to locate someone's "contact" person. Just my thoughts, Niki. You have the good idea--go with what you find to be best!
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    Nikita said:
    I'll start the getting to know thread this evening, just need to figure a clever name, and some basic question. Can someone make it sticky, you think?
    And in this thread, we could also write, who got our private contact, then it will be easy for all of us to find
    It is true, when I get sad, I do go into myself and think and it is something like this I am thinking "Can I change this" if "NO" then no need to try to deal with it, if "YES" then I change it. I think ways to deal with it, and act. and sometimes I just stay away from people untill I figured what to do, it is sometimes easier to stay away But I have to tell you, that not everything I come up with is helpfull. sometimes it is just crazy hehe for instance once I denied that an ex broke up with me, it worked, but was stupid. Problems of others I deal with better and even my job seems sometimes like problem solving and trouble shooting
    Anyway, I will figure the basic for this new thread now
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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    Thank you for your sweet response. Of course--you have a horse and a Greek! Spring has sprung!! Love is in the air... But this with Pawel is sobering, it's true. Your idea of a thread where members could share more about themselves is good! Any questions we ask could be either open-ended (anyone could respond) or not too personal, so members will open up slowly! People are sensitive in variouos areas; we're all so different. I support your idea! ...And about giving our private information to at least one person--an excellent idea also. We could even make a thread where each of us "registers" to whom we've given our "home" information. Then, if someone is missed, the thread could be checked, the person(s) who knows the appropriate contact for the "missing person" could be asked to make contact. You, no doubt, handle your sadness and concern by going inward; then you come up with practical suggestions that are sooooo helpful! Thank you.
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    Nikita said:
    I was trying to keep track of my real life... and manage everything in it, and with nice weather and sun shinning, I go riding on my horses...
    Not to mention I have a Greek, who needs attention But I miss ATL and all the people when I am not here, so I needed to let real life go, and come back hehe

    I want Pawel back here... he has to be ok and we all need to find out... something like this, sets life in perspective, and right now I wonder, if we should do something to all get to know each other better, some question game, where we all answer questions about ourselves, and maybe we should all give our contacts to someone else here, or add on facebook, so we can find out what is happening...

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    Frankie Jasmine said:
    Niki, so good to see you back on the "Mood-Songs" thread you started. As you can tell, everyone loves it. Now I am appreciative of the fun days we've had there, with everyone happy and enjoying the shared moods and music . . . especially because Pawel is so ill. Oh, I hope his recovery is complete and with as little physical and emotional pain as possible . . .

    And, Nikita, as for you? how have you been? We have missed you!