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    amaryn said:
    Is my angel rocking Egypt at the moment? So much news about you, folks, and it looks as if Egyptians are more excited now then they were in a long time, let's say, the Faraos
    Have you been out there yourself, I tried to figure you out in the voting crowds,lol
  2. angel rock's Avatar

    angel rock said:
    hi Amarayn , how r u ?? every thing is fine here in Egypt better than situation before revolution , and thnx 2 God i'm feeling better now about my life , my work & other parts of life , what about u , i hope ur fine , and thnx 4 asking .
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    amaryn said:
    long time no see, angel rock! how'zz life in Egypt developing for you? I hope you feel as fine as you should.
    Life hasn't been 2 easy on this side of the moon, but I am living with it and keep smiling!
  4. angel rock's Avatar

    angel rock said:
    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... no no i hate patience
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    amaryn said:
    : cool: send you a pm later! patience, angelrock!
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    angel rock said:
    hhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... send ur e-mail ... we will talk there
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    amaryn said:
    I am kinda here, yeah, and preparing for some french evenings coming up What do you need me for?
    Starring as a farao,lol:
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    angel rock said:
    hi hi hi >>> where r u ghost i want u in something !!
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    angel rock said:
    hiiii my brooo ... how r u ?? i miss u 2 much ... i hope u enjoyed ur visit ... ana masry it's just one logo of our revolution it's mean ( i'm Egyptian = ana masry )
    keep in touch my bro ... see u soon
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    amaryn said:
    Angel rock still rocking around Egypt??? Sorry, my friend, had to take a looooonngg breath and visited Thailand for 3 weeks. Now I am here again and tell me - barbarian as I am - who's that Ana Masry?
    Nice to hear from ye.