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    amaryn said:
    Hi Bosniaque. WOW!!! What a surprise. Yes, I vaquely remembered you being in Scotland. As vaquely you may remember I lived four years in Glasgow and went through the Scottish Highlands, Glencoe, Inverness......but I liked the Westcoast and Crinan canal best!
    Ireland I don't know. Never been there. So I await your reports. DO visit a weeeeee, wee bit more often here, will ye?
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    Bosniaque said:
    Hey Amaryn, still as active as ever I see from your last activity date. I am not so very active here (as you very well know), but I do write to you the few times I am online here. To answer your last post (which you most likely donīt recall by now), I am doing well thank you I was in Scotland then and in april I am heading to the next country on my list: Ireland! What do you have to say about Ireland? Have you been there? and how are you doing? hugs.
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    amaryn said:
    How'zz me Bosniaque doing, I ask myself.... where are you now?
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    amaryn said:
    I have lived nearby: in Glasgow! I liked Glasgow tremendously: friendly people, lovely universityquarters, great clubs and
    music venues, theatres.... I miss it Edinburgh is more quiet and delicate. Both cities are not far from the Scottish Highlands.
    The most beautiful landscapes I know. Have fun. Are you on vacation there? Hugs for you too*((*))*
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    Bosniaque said:
    Hello friend, how have you been? I haven't had the opportunity until now, but here it goes, happy new years! ) All is fine with me, I am leaving for Edinburgh on sunday. Have you ever been there? *hugs*
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    amaryn said:
    Best of luck, Bosniaque and such good news otherwise too! I hope you pass into the Newyear with Real Fireworks on all levels and I thank you for letting me know. It's great to have your news Yes, the deep dark forest, but at least bears are asleep in winter
    There are many in those forests. They're dug deep into the snow I hope,lol See you next year here again
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    Bosniaque said:
    Read your message just now. A cottage in the deep forest? sounds like the beginning of a horror movie. Let me know who disappears first in this story, your friends or you Joking, I hope you'll have a nice time My news hmmm...I 've met someone and we've been in a relationship for 5 months now It's a long distance relationship and he's from the same country as me. Soooo.. that is why this month I am flying down to see him and celebrate new years and my birthday with him can't wait...otherwise, I just handed in an assignment we've (my group and I) been working at uni for the last three months.. I hope I'll pass with my group!
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    amaryn said:
    Hi there! Don't you think it's time to exchange our news,lol Have been missing you ! Hoping, of course, that you're doing well.
    My autumn goes as usual: some big jobs during november, than feasting in december: this Xmas gonna spend in the deep forest in a cottage with some friends. Take care!
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    amaryn said:
    You were visiting my wall!! What news you've got? How r u ? Where have you been? Take studies most of your energy?LOL, it would not surprise me at all, I found it exhausting! What summerplans you've got?
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    Bosniaque said:
    what at the movies for three months? and what kind of springnews (more like summernews) do you require, sir amaryn?